Total Hip Replacement

Our physical therapists will follow each patient’s plan of care for the weeks and sometimes months following surgery, until the patient is fully independent and pain-free.

Total Knee Replacement

Our physical therapists will assist patients with walking devices until the knee is able to support the patient’s full body weight and muscle strength is restored.

Hip Fracture

Breaking a hip can mean a major change in a patient’s life. After surgery, our physical therapists can help patients get their strength and mobility back and to learn to move around independently.

Shoulder Repair

Our physical therapists will guide patients recovering from surgery in exercises to strengthen the rotator cuff muscles and to gently stretch the back of the shoulder, to restore their range of motion.

Back Surgery

Patients who undergo back surgery require time and physical therapy to heal completely. Our therapists will devise a plan of care consistent with the goals of each patient to get them on their feet and moving around independently.

Cardiac Surgery

Patients in need of cardiac rehab will work with our team of health professionals including a physician, nurse specialist, dietitian and exercise and physical therapist. The team designs a program for each patient and provides support to help each patient succeed.

Major Abdominal Surgery

Patients recovering from abdominal surgery require pain management, incision care, drain care and other types of care depending on the surgery. Our caring staff is trained to treat these patients and help restore their health and independence.

Joint Replacement

Our physical therapists work to ensure patients who undergo joint replacement surgery experience great improvement in their ability to engage in everyday activities like walking, exercising, dancing and simply moving around independently.