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What did you like best?

I don't like nursing homes. Some people are nice though and therapy does a great job

Marsha C.

Everyone is real apt got me up and walking again and I feel good

James P.

People were nice

William S.

Everyone is really nice and helpful and I feel like they really care about me and try to help

Jacob G.

It's nice, but I still want to go home

Pauline B.

I've been here a couple times and every time they take real good care of me. I love you guys, you're like family

Vicky B.

I've been there before so that was okay. At least it's clean

Clarice W.

Everyone is nice and therapy really helped and the building was clean and didn't smell

Phyllis D.

The people were friendly and fun

Wayne T.

People were very nice. Therapy was great. They got me ready to go home

Naomi C.