Marley Neck Health and Rehabilitation Center

7575 E Howard Rd, Glen Burnie, MD 21060

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What did you like best?

Occupational Therapy

Bruce C.

Being safe and cared for/Personnel

Mary M.


Renee Z.

Able to rest and felt taken care of

Tommie B.

Physical therapy

Allen R.

CommuniCare | Feeling Lost

There comes a time for many families when 24-hour skilled nursing care for a loved one is simply a necessity. When this time arrives, being surrounded by an experienced clinical team, who cares like family, is essential to one’s quality of life. At CommuniCare, we understand this and know that quality of life cannot be achieved by tending only to an individual’s clinical needs. Instead, we focus on delivering high quality of care to meet an individual’s complete needs in an engaging and vibrant environment.